Ecuadorian Cocoa Origin Pottery Donation Ceremony Held in SCAU

To promote cultural exchange and mutual learning between China and Ecuador, and to celebrate the 115th anniversary of South China Agricultural University, on the morning of April 10th, SCAU and the Ecuadorian Consulate General in Guangzhou held a special cultural event at the South China Agricultural Museum. Vice President Qiu Rongliang of SCAU and Ecuadorian Consul General Edwin Martinez attended the event and delivered speeches.


Qiu Rongliang's Speech


Qiu Rongliang delivered a warm welcome speech and emphasized the importance of this donation in strengthening the cultural ties between China and Ecuador. He stated that the donation ceremony is not only a grand event for cultural exchange but also a strong testament to the friendly relations between the two countries. It will further promote long-term cooperation between the two nations in the fields of education, culture, and technology.


Edwin Martinez's Speech


Edwin Martinez expressed his gratitude to the organizers and provided a detailed introduction to the history of cocoa cultivation in Ecuador, the historical and cultural value of the object, and their significant position in Ecuador's history and cultural heritage.


Donated Artifacts

This donation ceremony is not only an enrichment of SCAU's collection but also an important manifestation of cultural exchange and cooperation between China and Ecuador. On behalf of the university, Qiu Rongliang accepted this valuable cultural artifact donation and presented a donation certificate to Consul General Edwin Martinez. In conjunction with this donation ceremony, the South China Agricultural Museum held a one-month exhibition on tea, cocoa, and coffee, known as the three major beverages of the world. This not only enriched the content of the cultural exchange activities but also has significant importance for the public to understand, learn, protect, and preserve the common cultural heritage of humanity.