The China-Colombia Rice Joint Center was inaugurated in SCAU

On April 16th, a delegation from the University of Tolima in Colombia and the Colombian National Federation of Rice Growers visited SCAU to jointly inaugurate the China-Colombia Rice Joint Center. The event was attended by Hernán Vargas Martín, Consul General of Colombia in Guangzhou, and Omar Albeiro Mejía Patiño, President of the University of Tolima. Li Fengliang, the Party Committee Secretary of SCAU, received the delegation, and Qiu Rongliang, the Vice President, presided over the symposium.



During the symposium, Li Fengliang warmly welcomed the delegation. He pointed out that SCAU has a long history and strong strength in the field of rice science, having developed a series of new key breeding technologies. He noted that Colombia has rich agricultural resources, and that there is a high degree of complementarity between Chinese and Colombian agriculture. He expressed the hope that both sides would continue to strengthen cooperation in the future, bringing together the scientific research achievements and advantages in the field of rice research in ways that carrying out joint scientific research, enhancing expert exchanges and visits, and holding large international academic seminars. This will promote the innovation and application of high-quality rice varieties and advanced planting technologies in Colombia, creating a brand for agricultural science and education cooperation between China and Latin America.


Li Fengliang presented souvenirs to President Patiño and Professor Elgin.


Hernán Martín stated that the consulate places great importance on Sino-Colombian cooperation and recognizes the strong capabilities of SCAU in agricultural science and technology. He expressed the hope that both sides would further strengthen their cooperation with the continuous support of the consulate.


President Patiño introduced the rice research situation at the University of Tolima, emphasizing the university's commitment to food security and narrowing the urban-rural divide. The university actively promotes rice research innovation and the decentralization of infrastructure to benefit more rice producers. He expressed the desire to actively engage in rice production-related research with SCAU to better benefit the people of both countries.


Professor Elkin, the Special Project Director, National Federation of Rice Growers of Colombia, mentioned that the federation has extensive experience in the field of rice scientific research and cultivation, having made positive contributions to the economic development of rice in Colombia. He expressed the hope for a more comprehensive and detailed cooperation with SCAU in rice research in the future.



The inauguration ceremony of the China-Colombia Rice Joint Center was held at the College of Agriculture in SCAU.


During their visit, the delegation toured our university's College of Agriculture, including the Crop Efficiency Laboratory, the National Key Laboratory for the Conservation and Utilization of Subtropical Agricultural Bioresources, the Ding's Rice Germplasm Garden, and the South China Agricultural Museum.

It is reported that SCAU places great emphasis on agricultural science and education cooperation with Latin America. In 2020, the university took the lead in establishing the China-Latin America Agricultural Science and Education Innovation Alliance, which now includes 70 member units from 15 countries in China and Latin America. In 2022, the university signed an agreement with the University of Tolima in Colombia, the Colombian National Federation of Rice Growers, and the Association of Municipalities of the Center of Tolima to jointly build the China-Colombia Rice Joint Research Center. This center has become an important international scientific and technological cooperation platform under the framework of CLAERIA.