CLAERIA co-organized the Guangdong Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Alliance Conference and the Second Guangdong Agricultural (Soybean) Industry Science and Technology Conference

On September 21st, SCAU hosted the Conference of Guangdong Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Alliance as well as the second Guangdong Agricultural (Soybean) Industry Science and Technology Conference with a theme centered around Enhancing connectivity for greater cohesion; fostering innovation in Guangdong. Fengliang Li, Party Secretary, attended the conference and delivered a speech.

The conference not only marks an important milestone in executive transferring but also serves as a summary and mobilization meeting for soybean technology industry across Guangdong.  With a focus on Southern Soybean, this conference aims to gather representative scientific research achievements along with industry leading and the gathering of advantageous resources for agricultural innovation to support high-quality development within soybean cultivation and other agricultural sectors in our province.

As the second chairman unit of the alliance, SCAU has actively contributed to planning and participating in various initiatives undertaken by the Alliance while achieving significant milestones. Fengliang Li introduced the work of the Alliance and the progress of the innovation and utilization about soybean resourcesSoybean is considered one of SCAU's key research areas under its Double First-Class crop disciplines. He hoped that through leveraging rich expert resources available within this alliance platform along with collaborative efforts from government bodies, universities, research institutes, and enterprises will further contribute towards promoting high-quality development of soybean industry.

       At the meeting, Professor Nian Hai from SCAU, Professor Baohui Liu of Guangzhou University, and Professor Guowan Su of South China University of Technology respectively made reports on the scientific and technological achievements of Guangdong soybean industry.

       This meeting was hosted by the Provincial Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Alliance, undertaken by SCAU, Guangdong Agricultural Society, and Guangzhou National Modern Agricultural Industry Science and Technology Innovation Center, and co-organized by Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Zhongkai University of Agricultural and Engineering, National Soybean Industry Technology System, Guangdong Soybean Industry Technology Innovation Alliance, Guangdong Provincial Laboratory of Lingnan Modern Agricultural Science and Technology, and CLAERIA.