Yinquan Wang

  Professor of the School of Foreign Languages of Nanjing Agricultural University, PhD of Science, supervisor of MA candidates of foreign languages and literature, director of the Academic Committee of the School of Foreign Languages, doctoral supervisor of the history of science and technology of the School of Humanities and Social Development,Nanjing Agricultural University.His chief research interests include  the history of early European Sinology and the history of cultural and technological exchanges between China and the West, the Sino-Latin America maritime silk route in the late Ming Dynasty and the history of translation and dissemination of traditional Chinese medicine. His major academic titles include the vice-chairman of the Translation Professional Committee of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, and the vice-chairman of the Translation History Research Committee of the China-English-Chinese Comparative Research Association. In October 2019, he was invited to give a lecture at the School of Anthropology, Oxford University, UK, and visited the Needham Institute, Cambridge, UK, for academic exchanges.