Jiaoping Zhang

  Dr. Jiaoping Zhang owned a PhD in Plant Science with a focus on plant breeding and genetics from South Dakota State University, Dec. 2014. He did his Postdoc (2014/12-2018/01) and Associate Scientist (2018/01-2020/08) training with Prof. Singh (Monsanto Chair in Soybean Breeding) in soybean breeding and genetics at the Department of Agronomy, Iowa State University. Dr. Zhang participated in breeding of 6 soybean cultivars, and published more than 20 research work in Journals including Molecular Plant, the Plant Journal, TAG and so on. In Nov. 2020, Dr. Zhang joined the National Center for Soybean Improvement, Nanjing Agricultural University, as an Associate Professor through the ‘High-level Talent’ program. His research mainly focus on 1) dissecting the genetic basis of agronomic traits in soybean and discovering superior germplasms and genes for soybean improvement; 2) using the cutting-edge technologies, such as high throughput phenotyping, genomic prediction, speed breeding and genome editing to fasten soybean improvement; 3) Soybean breeding for the “One Belt One Road”regions.