Universidad de San Pablo -Tucumán, Argentina

The University of San Pablo-Tucumán(USP-T) was created in2007 by the Foundation for Development through presidential decree No.859/07. It is the first secular private university in the Argentine Northwest and the first Argentine university created in the 21st century. With the authorization to create the USP-T, the Foundation for Development, chaired by Dr. Catalina Ines Lonac,has set in motion another stage of an educational project that was raised by the Foundation as a matter of Corporate Social Responsibility. Regional Competitiveness and Social Development.

The USP-T owes its name to its geographical location, located in the town of San Pablo. It has three locations, its University Campus located in San Pablo, and its two locations located in front of Plaza Independencia, San Miguel de Tucumán.

The house of higher studies is recognized in the field for combining the excellence of university education. professional training and research in a high-tech environment that enhances self-learning.

The University's academic offer is not only new in relation to the careers of other academic units in the region and the country, but also adapts all its courses to the changing needs of the global world, exercising education by competencies.

Our students are highly qualified resources with high rates of employability. In this sensethe USP-T permanently promotes alliances and agreements with companies and institutions to enhance the possibilities of its students in terms of knowledge and job placement.


The University of San Pablo-Tucumán aims to constitute a matrix environment for development and consultation in the contents of their careers, educating and inspiring human beings capable of solving the diversity of situations that the world poses at every moment, achieving a real synergy between knowledge and business.  


To put the convictions of the University into real world practice as a key component of the knowledge society. This means promoting academic and institutional links with prestigious university and scientific-technological entities and local development organizations, promoting the reintegration of Argentine academics living abroad, promoting articulation with other educational levels, and committing to the future development of them.


Forecasting the future, Social commitment, Interdisciplinary work, Network thinking, Self-management, Flexibility, Practical education, Serious knowledge


Through the University for All scholarship program, the University together with the Foundation for Development, carry out their CSR policies, facilitating access to our University to young people with proven academic conditions whose sec io-economic situation is an impediment to taking part of our community of students. The program has been implemented since 2008 and its number of beneficiaries has increased systematically since its inception.

The House of High Studies adheres to the United Nations Global Compact, complying with the 10 fundamental principles dictated by this international organization.

In turn, the USP-T was accredited as an enterprises incubator before the Undersecretariat of Entrepreneurs belonging to the Ministry of Production of the Nation. In this way, it will join a national network of incubators whose purpose is to grow and strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem throughout the country. As an incubator, the USP-T aims to promote new ventures and reduce theirdeath rate, develop detection and support skills for entrepreneurs, improve the degree of professionalization of incubator staff and facilitate their work as a link to entrepreneurs.