Universidad del Quindío, Colombia

The University of Quindío is a public Higher Education Institution located in Armenia, Quindío-Colombia, Latin America; from the point of view of coverage, the second half of 2018 the total number of enrolled students was 18,714 of whom 18,366 were enrolled in undergraduate and 348 graduate programs, among seven faculties, our fields of study correspond to: 

Faculty of Health Sciences (Medicine. Nursing, HSQ), 

Engineering (Civil, Electronics, Computer among others);

Administrative and Economic Sciences (International Business, Administration and Economy); 

Human and Social Sciences (Philosophy, Social Communication, Gerontology, Social Work among others); 

Basic Sciences (Chemistry, Physics, Biology among others), 

Education (Literature and Spanish Language, Mathematics, Bachelor in Biology among others) and, 

Agro Industrial Sciences (3 under degree programs), 

University of Quindío Offer 47 programs, from which 34 are undergraduate programs and 13 are graduate programs: 12 from the 34 programs of under degree level and 1 of graduate level, have high quality qualification emitted by the National Accreditation Counsel in Colombia CNA.

University of Quindío is part of the next network communities.

Asociación Colombiana De Universidades – ASCUN, Asociación de Universidades Columbus, Asociación Colombiana De Herbarios, Asociación Colombiana de Facultades de Educación ASCOFADE, Red de Universidades Públicas del Eje Cafetero Para El Desarrollo Regional, Asociación Colombiana De Facultades de Ciencias ACOFACIEN, Instituto Colombiano de Normas Técnicas  Y Certificaciones Icontec, Asociación Colombiana de Facultades De Ingeniería, Consejo Nacional Para La Educación en Trabajo Social, Asociación Colombiana de Ciencia y Tecnología de Alimentos, Corporación Zoom Canal Universitario Nacional de Colombia, Red Colombiana de Posgrados, Sociedad Colombiana de Computación Sco2, Red Colombiana para la Internacionalización, among others.