Universidad de Investigación y Desarrollo, Bucaramanga, Colombia

The University of Research and Development - UDI -, is a private, young university institution with a high level of development and forged for the benefit of the formation of the Santandereano and Colombian people.


Fully fulfills its scientific, academic and cultural mission due to its own and permanent efforts by its community, which has allowed sustained growth based on quality, efficiency and social responsibility, these actions have led it to receive academic recognitions reflected in the High Quality Accreditation of their academic programs, in obtaining the Qualified Registry of their new professional careers and the granting of the Ibero-American award for academic excellence awarded by the Ibero-American Council in honor of educational quality.


It is recognized in the Department of Santander, its main headquarters are in the city of Bucaramanga with 3 other offices in Barrancabermeja, San Gil and Villavicencio. In recent years it has obtained recognition and has opened up new careers in the region. Its oldest programs are Systems Engineering and Graphic Design. Its headquarters in Bucaramanga has approximately 10,000 students. Its growth, today with 4 Professional Technicians, 2 Virtual Programs, 2 Face-to-face Technological, 3 Distance Technological, 14 Professional Undergraduate, 7 Specializations and 2 Master's Degrees.