Universidad Tadeo, Colombia

Universidad de Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano is located in the heart of the Nation’s Capital; With three campuses, two on the Caribbean coast and the main one in downtown Bogotá, Tadeo (as it is commonly called) offers a wide number of undergraduate professional and technological programs and 38 graduate programs among specializations, master’s and doctoral degrees in 4 different schools.


TADEO has a high quality institutional accreditation, granted by the Ministry of Education of Colombia on August, 13, 2013. The School actively promotes research, innovation and creation in all academic areas. Currently, 37 Research Groups are registered at the Science, Technology and Innovation Administrative Department of Colombia, known as Colciencias, and multiple research projects are under way.


The University also strives to establish productive links with domestic and international companies and to establish international alliances with universities around the world Tadeo’s commitment to environmental issues was established at the moment of its foundation, back in 1954, when founders were inspired by the principles of the Botanical Expedition, a huge academic enterprise led by an important group of scientists that came to the new world to register its vast natural wealth.