Universidad de Panamá (Coleo Campus)

The main campus of the University of Panama is located in Panama City and is divided by different study centers around the country, by province. Nowadays, the actual principal of the University of Panama is PhD. Eduardo Flores Castro.

Under the administration of the vice principal Betty J. Gómez A. de Ortega, the Regional University Center of Coclé of the University of Panama, is projected as an effective and relevant academic institution for the regional population.

Coclé province is located in the center of Panama on the southern coast of the country. The capital of the province is Penonomé city.

Currently, the University Center of Coclé, has 14 faculties, distributed in 36 careers, 7 postgraduate and master’s degree specializations, attended by a teaching staff of 300 professors.

Administrative development is strengthened through 93 administrative officials, who provide their services through different sections, that complement this academic-administrative unit. At present, The University center of Coclé have two agricultural administrators, that coordinate a project called Nursery House.

Nursery House: it is a greenhouse that aims to be a knowledge transfer center of techniques and strategies that can strengthen the production of farmers, students, regional and local professionals, through the research and practice.

Introduction to Faculty / College / Department on Agriculture:

The center has four Academic Careers Based on Sciences and Engineering, in the Faculty of Natural, Exact and Technological Sciences and engineering. There are:

-      Degree in Agroforestry Engineering.

-      Degree in Science and Food Technology

-      Degree in Renewable Energy Engineering

-      Degree in Natural Resources.