Universidad de la Frontera, Chile

The University of La Frontera was born in 1981 with the merger of the headquarters of the Technical University and the University of Chile. La Frontera is a university dedicated to undergraduate and graduate teaching, research and academic extension. It is in the ranking of the 10 best universities in the country and has master's and doctorate programs and a strong network of agreements with foreign universities.

It has a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degrees. It is one of the universities in the country with a high number of publications, with six faculties, one of them being Agricultural and Forestry Sciences with more than 40 years of existence and with master's and doctorate courses in all agricultural and forestry specialties.

The Faculty of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences, since 1984. We have two experimental fields, one agricultural and the other forestry. It has specialists in all agricultural and forestry areas and master's and doctoral programs. In the agricultural area, research is focused on fruit trees, animal production, agro-ecological production, among others.