Universidad Nacional del litoral Argentina

The National University of LitoralUNL) is a public university of Argentine. It isbased in the province of Santa Fe, in the central area of Argentina. The university was established under national act n°10.86I, which was enacted on October 17th, 1919. UNL was born as a regional university, with schools and institutes in the cities of Santa Fe, Parana, Rosario and Corrientes.

The university comprises 10 faculties, 2 university centers, the school of music, the school of health and hygiene, 3 secondary schools, and 1 elementary school.

These academic units have different programs in an array of disciplines in the fields of humanities, science, technology and culture, which are closely related to the problems and the reality of the region the university is based in.


UNL is one of the regions leading centers of scholarly research on science and technology, with over 1,700 researchers/professors, 10 faculties and 14 UNL­CONICET joint research institutes, devoted to promoting scientific, technological and artistic knowledge production, training human resources, and strengthening ties between the academic sector and society.

Extension (Social and Community Service)

The UNL has programs of extension or social services and it works on the development of policies and mechanisms related to the integration with teaching and research, promoting actions that involve the three Higher Education main functions.